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"This archive is not complete, some shows were never recorded because I was too young and I hadn't learned that documenting your work was a thing you had to do... 


These are the shows I am happiest in sharing on line, can that be a thing? This isn't everything, not by a long shot, but this is some of the things I grin about when I remember. One of the shows in this archive I put in because the day before I was asked to do the project I was literally on my knees in the snow dismantling a christmas market because thats the only work I could get, as I was busy praying (to the god I dont believe in) the phone rang and the next week I got to quit my job shoveling shit and go inside in the warm. I'll always be bloody grateful for that job!!"  Ths archive will be updated every year or two, I am not lazy it just takes me a while to let go of projects and bury them in the fire or in the archive..

  Jonathan McGrath 2018


Kiss it Better  

Mise en Scene  

Jonathan was proud to work as consutant on this exciting new opera project staged in the concert hall in the Royal Northern College of Music. The project was made in collaboration with the Creative Multi Media MA students at MMU; Manchester School of Art. The event presented the work of composers Poulenc, Berlioz and Williams. 

Jonathan directed this new opera project that was made by students from MMU Manchester School of Art and students from the Royal Northern College of Music. The show took over two floors of Manchesters Federation house and also the trams between Shude Hill and St Peters Square. The show was made with support from Greater Manchester Transport and the Castlfield Gallery.


12th June 2015 The Lowry, SalfordFreeWork-in-progress sharing of a brand new show inspired by the placebo effect and informed by an 8-week residency at Manchester University’s Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Mental Health. Residency supervisor: Prof. Anthony Jones. Creative mentor: Jonathan McGrath. Video documentation: Richard Ramchurn. Funded by University of Manchester’s Arts & Sciences Collaborations Fund.


(The video above is an example of Ben Mellors work and is not related to the show, documentation will be posted super soon!)



Tectonic Plates  

  • Written and directed by JV McGrath

  • Designed by AlbinoMosquito

  • Lighting and sound design by Lawrence Reekie

  • Brother played by Andrew Barrett

  • Produced by Amang Mardokhy and Tarza Aziz

  • Funded by the Ministry of Culture Kurdistan


Super Special Questions 

  • Directed by J V Mcgrath and AlbinoMosquito

  • Production manager; L Aing

  • Camera opperators were students from SSCD

  • Lighting design by Phil Cooney

  • Produced in collaboration with InnovatieLab 

  • Cast is made up of acting and dance students from Dundee College/ Scottish School for Contemporary Dance

  • Funded by Leonardo Transfer of Innovation



The Tragedy of Macbeth, PART 1  

The Pleasent Sunday Afternoon Society  

The Tragedy of Macbeth, PART 2  

  • Directed by JV McGrath

  • Design by AlbinoMosquito

  • Production managed by Jess Penny and Rowena Reekie

  • Produced by Liz O'Neill

  • Technical design by Steve Bryant and Steve Curtis

  • Sound design by Alex Clarkson

  • Lead cast are HND acting students from Dundee College

  • Supporting cast are members of the surrounding community and Z-arts users

  • Scenic artist; David  Watson

  • Choreography by Joseph Lau

  • Funded by the Heratage Lottery fund



Contradictions R&D 1.

Contradictions R&D sharing part 2


Come Forth People of the City Under the Cover of Night   

    • Written and directed by JV McGrath and Ben Faulks

    • Musicians; Howard Jacobs and Paddy Steer

    • Lighting design by Steve Curtis

    • Production manager; Rowena Reekie

    • Produced by Liz O'Neill and Zoe Pickering 

    • Food supplied by Tom tom's bistro

    • Lighting provided by Osram

    • Part funded by the Peggy Ramsay Foundation

    • Commissioned by PANDA and MIF 


Best Kept Secrets 


This Kiss   

First performed at the Emergency Showcase at greenroom in 2005 This Kiss was a one on one performance piece that lasted 1 minute and was performed 57 times over the course of an evening. The performance was based on the theme of loss and saying goodbye. 

This Kiss was re-performed in 2006 for the greenroom's 21st birthday celebrations.


Four Second Fool  

Premiered in Manchester 2004 the show was written and directed by Jonathan McGrath and starred Thadesuz Pasternak, the set was built by Peter Orgill, and the lighting and sound design were by Steve Curtis, Songs by Frank Sinatra were used and images by Joel Peter Whitkin. 

The show was a study on the way some men recreate their relationships with their mothers with their lovers in later life. 

The play was supported by Arts Council England and a commission from greenroom arts. 



Jonathan McGrath's first show, made in 2002 in collaboration with Vincent Smith, Kate and Sim Dunn. The performers were Jonathan McGrath, Terry Dixie, 'Killer' Carl Ryan and Noel Byrne. The piece was first performed at greenroom and was made with support from Z-Arts and the amazing Sharon Raymond. The piece was later performed at the In Between Time festival produced by Digital Summer and the Arnolfini Gallery.