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Jonathan is an accomplished director and has 58 successful shows to his name that have been diverse in scale, style and staging. His work has been most heavily influenced by the work of directors Jerzy Grotowski, Louise Lowe and Simon McBurney.


Jonathan's work is made with a strong visual style and the audience is complicit with what goes on, largely site-specific in nature Jonathan has fed, blindfolded, boozed and flirted with audiences through his productions. Jonathan's first company Ikebana Performance took its ethos from the ancient art of ikebana flower arrangement, the flowers are held with the same importance as the vase and the shelf and the light. All components are equal in composition. This is an ethos that Jonathan has carried with him throughout his career in theatre.


Jonathan works hard to adapt his creative process to suit the needs of a project and not adapt a project to suit his creative process, it's with this ethos that Jonathan has been able to work across a wide spectrum of performance styles. This has made developing a 'brand identity' for his work difficult, but he's had way more fun doing what the hell he fancies!




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