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Birmingham pub bombing


On the drive north to Manchester the day I left home in Sept 1996 we discussed the bomb that had recently destroyed a large section of Manchester City centre. The IRA had parked a van full of explosives outside the Royal Exchange and changed the face of the city forever. 

My father disclosed that members of his family were members of the IRA going back a number of generations. We discussed why the IRA were doing what they were doing and unpacked what makes a terrorist. Of course, I didn't tell any of my new Manchester friends what my dad had told me. 


The car trips to and from Manchester during the late 90's were the best places to talk to my father. We unpacked a lot on those journeys. 


In the years that have followed, I have come to see the impact of generational trauma and how it impacted my childhood. Both of my parents' families had escaped the famine, the black and tans and the civil war. 

WHERE IT HAPPENED is a new piece of theatre that happens in a car, you will be picked up at key points and driven near/past spots where the bombs went off, it will be the kind of chat you can only have in a car. 

The show will happen in Manchester

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